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Ordering Business Cheques With Us Is Simple and Easy and You’ll Save

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Ordering cheques from the banks can get expensive. Ordering with us is simple and easy and you can save some money.

Your company name and address are printed on the cheques with your bank name and address. There is also the option of adding your logo. You will need to provide the numbering sequence that you want to use. Your company name will appear over the signature line as well (option of 1 or 2 signature lines). Provide your bank account info and we will email a proof before we go into production. That’s it.

If you are ordering computer cheques for the first time, let us know which software you are using and that will determine the cheque layout to use. If you are re-ordering cheques, you can email a sample cheque to us.

Cheques are available in various colours, backgrounds and designs with security features. Laser printer and manual cheque options available as well as cheques for tractor feed printers.

Contact us if you have any questions and for a quote on your next cheque order. Minimum order is 250 units.

Proudly custom printing business cheques in Vancouver, Canada since 1980:

At our centrally located shop in Vancouver, we make sure your custom business cheques are the highest quality and ready to be picked up or shipped out according to the deadline. We have accounts with a number of couriers and can arrange the shipping for you locally, across Canada and the USA. With 30+ years in the industry, dedicated and hard working staff, you can count on us to get the job done on time and to produce impressive custom printed business cheques.