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The Difference Between Paper & Vinyl Stickers

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Samples of custom printed stickersOver the years, we’ve been asked many questions about stickers, the most common being: What’s the difference between paper and vinyl stickers?

Besides paper stickers costing less, they’re best suited for indoor use. They’re available with permanent adhesive in white with a glossy or uncoated finish in various shapes and sizes. Paper stickers can be applied to products, jars, boxes and more.

Vinyl stickers are more durable, tear proof and can withstand outdoor conditions. They’re made from a synthetic material in white or clear and available with permanent, removable and cling adhesives. They can be cut in various sizes and shapes and applied to windows, bumpers, helmets, walls, computers and more.

No matter which type you choose for your project, paper and vinyl stickers are great giveaways and can help promote your brand and cause. Visit our Sticker page for more details and pricing. Printed on site at our Vancouver, Canada location.