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Backing Options for Custom Promotional Buttons

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Options for custom printed promotional buttons.

Promo buttons are great mediums to get your message and brand noticed and bring awareness to your cause. Buttons are available in various sizes and shapes, low minimums are available (25) and the cost per unit make them very affordable and effective advertising tools.

Buttons with pin backs are most commonly made. They can be attached to clothing, backpacks, cork boards, displays and much more. Some people don’t want the small pinholes in their clothes though so the option of a garment magnet or bull dog clip are perfect for clothing. Changing the backing on the button can transform this promotional product to a pocket mirror, bottle opener and key chain. All of which make eye catching and unique promo items. Buttons can also be made into rigid magnets by adding a ceramic or full magnet. We have also made buttons with no pins to be used as custom poker chips and placement markers.

With all the different backing options available, promo buttons are really versatile and useful items and the ways to use them keep on growing. Visit our Buttons page for all the sizes and shapes available as well as to view samples and pricing. If you have any questions please contact us. Custom buttons are made on site at our Vancouver, Canada location.